Fabric choices for ladies clothing varies greatly in selection, quality and price. Therefore unless the exact fabric is stated in the description, labor prices are the only prices given. Fabric swatches and total material costs will be provided, and must meet with your approval, before your order is begun.

The illustrations and photos shown are meant to serve as a starting point in creating your unique garment. Don't feel limited to just what is illustrated. Remember - your order will be custom made for you, to your specifications, so almost anything is possible.

18th Century Ladies
19th Century Ladies
Ladies Hats
Ladies Underpinnings

1450 - 1500 - Lined gown (Houppelande) made of brocade with satin mantle. Trimmed with embroidered ribbon.
Labor only - $350.00

1520 - 1560 Two piece wool -fully lined and properly boned bodice with slashing on neckline and sleeves. Seperate skirt is cartridge pleated to waistband.
Labor only - $375.00

1600 -Velvet bodice with hand sewn pearls and gold trim at neck, center front, and sleeves. Velvet over skirt with cartridge pleats. Satin petticoat with hand sewn pearls and gold trim on center front panel.
Labor only - $525.00
Hat complete - $75.00

BASIC PERIOD BODICE - Partially boned fully lined. Can button, lace or tie to close center front Please specify your preferences.
Labor only - $50.00 - $100.00

BASIC SKIRT/PETTICOAT -Center back placket opening - Labor only :
with Drawstring waist - $25.00
with Gathered waist - $35.00
with Knife or Box Pleats - $50.00
with Cartridge Pleats - $75.00
with ruffle - add $25.00 per ruffle


POLANNAISE - These high fashion gowns were one of the most popular from the 18th Century. They feature a fitted bodice that hooks in front, 3/4 length sleeves with an attached skirt open in front to reveal the matching or contrasting petticoat. As you can see, the following examples are similar in style and cut, however the labor price varies a great deal, depending detail of design, trimmings and the amount of hand sewing, or hand beading involved in the design.

GOWN - Bodice is piped on seams and trimmed with a ruffle. Petticoat (skirt) is knife pleated at the waist and has a gathered bottom ruffle.
Labor only - $400.00

Ballgown - Bodice features hand beaded stomacher with silver and crystal beads - matching overskirt is in two tiers that are cartridge pleated. Under Petticoat has same beading as bodice on the center panel and a lace ruffle at bottom.
Labor only - $750.00

LADIES CLOAKS - Full circle cape. Full Length with lined hood. Can tie, hook or button at center front.
1860 Mantle Labor only unlined - $200.00
Labor only lined - $350.00

1860 MANTLE - Pictured at right. Hip length -completely lined . Many variations of basic design.  Labor only - $150.00 - $250.00


Completely lined with train and full length detachable sleeves.
Labor only - $250.00

1812 - RIDING HABIT Completely lined Front button closure
Labor only - wool - $325.00
Labor only velvet - $375.00
CHEMISETTE with neck ruff - Made of cotton organdy Complete - $40.00

1860 BALLGOWN - One piece dress with double ruffle on the pleated skirt and hooks at center back of the boned bodice Shirred cream chiffon with lace on bodice.
Labor only - velvet - $400.00
Labor only - other fabrics - $375.00

1860 DAY DRESS - Two piece with detachable soft under sleeves and lace collar. Boned bodice buttons at center front. Two tiered skirt is pleated to waist and like the bodice has ribbon trim.
Labor only - $375.00

1880 DAY DRESS - 100% cotton print, one piece dress with fitted, lined bodice, pleated skirt, collar, puffed sleves and covered buttons at center front. Labor only $230.00

1900 LACE DRESS - One piece lace dress with trumpet skirt and small train. Covered buttons center back.
Labor only $350.00
Lace Hat with feathers Complete - $150.00


The following is just a sampling of the many styles of hats available. Please ask about other styles. The prices for the felt hats listed below are for basic colors, which include Black, Gray, Brown, Tan and Navy. There will be an extra charge for Premium colors, which include Forest Green, Maroon, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Teal, Yellow and White. Most styles are available in sizes ranging from 6 - 7 or are multi-sized .
18TH CENTURY MOBCAPS - Many styles available. Can be made of Cotton, Linen or organdy. Ladies Tricorn
Complete-As pictured cotton - $25.00
linen - $ 35.00
with lace - $50.00

LADIES TRICORN - With net scarf tie.
Untrimmed - $100.00
As pictured $125.00

18TH CENTURY STRAW HAT -Trimmed with Grosgrain Ribbon and Silk flowers. As pictured - $100.00

GAINSBOROUGH - Felt hat, turned up on left side
Untrimmed - $100.00
As pictured $135.00

1860 BONNETT- as pictured - $95.00


CHEMISE - Cut very full, below knee in length with drawstring at neck and sleeves (18th) or gathered to sleeve bands (19th)
100% Cotton - $35.00
100% Linen - $50.00
With cotton lace at neck & sleeves - add $20

STAYS / CORSET - Made of heavy cotton canvas, this garment is needed to create the proper shape for your time period. Other time periods available. Completely boned with splint reed (used for basket caning) or metal boning. Lacing on the center back. 19th century also has hooks on the center front. Other styles and periods available. Please ask for picture.
Complete with reed boning - $175.00
Complete with metal boning - $205.00

HOOP POCKETS - Worn under the skirt. They are bag like in shape. Worn in place of the hoop petticoat. Made of heavy cotton canvas. Complete - $50.00

POCKETS - Made of linen suitable for embroidery
Complete as pictured - $25.00

HOOP PETTICOAT - 18th century
Dome shaped, worn for full dress occasions. Made of heavy cotton canvas. Complete - $125.00

HOOP PETTICOAT -19th century - 100% cotton with metal hoops. Ruffle at bottom - complete
4 bone - $125.00
6 bone - $150.00

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